The Doodlists

an art exhibit that aims to raise the status of doodling in fine art & in the public at large

The aim of "The Doodlists" is to raise awareness of the use of doodling in the creation of artwork and to promote the idea that doodling is not a waste of time, but a valuable resource for artists and the public at large. Doodling helps you gain focus, it helps you retain information and it helps you find creative solutions to problems. "The Doodlists" will be a presentation of the state of the doodle particularly in regard to its use in fine arts. The exhibit is scheduled to run from April 24 - May 17, 2015, at artspace gallery in Richmond, VA.

Dueling Doodles | Art Workshop | May 9, 10am-2pm

In conjunction with The Doodlists Art Exhibition, Susan Singer and Dana Frostick will lead a workshop in the creation of Zendoodles and Elaborate Doodles respectively. Zendoodles will be taught in the morning. Elaborate Doodles will follow lunch. Online registration is available.

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Who are "The Doodlists?"

We are a group of artists who employ doodling as a focus for our creative output. This doodle-oriented exhibition was conceived by Richmond, VA artist Dana Frostick, creator of "Elaborate Doodles."

Featured artists include Duane Cregger, Dana Frostick, Dee Glazer, Shannon Gilbert, Leo Heinzel, Tracy Herman, Matt Lively, Ja Mes, Susan Singer, Henry Stindt, Rob Ryder and Roman Zelgatas.

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