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Dueling Doodles | Art Workshop | May 9, 10am-2pm

In conjunction with The Doodlists Art Exhibition, Susan Singer and Dana Frostick will lead a workshop at artspace in the creation of Zendoodles and Elaborate Doodles respectively. Zendoodles will be taught in the morning. Elaborate Doodles will follow lunch. Information is provided below. Online registration is available from the link below through Friday, May 8. Late registration in person, 9:30 am, May 9th at artspace.

Facebook Event Page: Dueling Doodles | Art Workshop

Cost: $75 plus supplies and lunch.
Pay your fee online here:
Dueling Doodles Workshop Fee $75

Ages: 10-Adult.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Materials are not included in the cost of the workshop. Please see the lists below and bring your own or purchase from the instructors here:
Susan Singer - Zendoodles $10
Dana Frostick - Elaborate Doodles $10

small sketchbook (6"x9" is great, larger is fine, unlined is necessary) $4.74
black 01 Micron pen $1.99 (on sale, $2.74 usually)
black 1 Pigma Graphic pen (only available with reliability from Plaza Art) $1.99 (on sale, usually $2.89)

Elaborate Doodles:
Sharpie pens (Black, sizes Fine, Ultra Fine and Chisel Tip - available at most office or art supply stores.)
Canvas board or canvas, acrylic paints, brushes (sizes and colors are up to you, available at any art supply store including Plaza Art and A.C. Moore.

Dueling Doodles | Art Workshop

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